Bear's Restaurant - Complete Edition

Bear's Restaurant

“Bear's Restaurant" is an indie game that has been downloaded over 1 million times worldwide on iOS and Android. It was selected for the 2019 Google Indie Game Festival and Google Best of 2019.

"Bear's Restaurant - Complete Edition" is a complete version of the game with a new episode - Epilogue. With new characters and new music, it touches the heart of the story which everyone is curious about.


In this restaurant, the dead will have their last supper. Hamburgers, omelets, sushi, pudding, anything. Let us cook your favorite dish when you were alive.

This is a story about a "Bear" and a "Cat". You are a "Cat", the assistant of a "Bear", who is the chef of the restaurant. Players can know about the customer's favorite dishes by "diving" into their memories... but in fact, you yourself do not remember who you are. Not even your favorite dish.

Collect memory shards.
Collect memory shards.
Dive into the memories.”
Dive into the memories.

By examining the memory shards, you are going to see how every customer has ended their lives. ”I don't see any fun in watching how one dies.”, as Mr. bear said, the last moments of each customer is nothing pleasant to watch. It is up to you to look at the fragments or not. Sometimes there are things you don't need to know.

There is no difficult puzzle, no exciting battle, no epic cut scenes. But, you will remember their episodes.

What's new


In this new episode, ”Bear” has left on a business trip. As "Cat", you have to run the restaurant with the help of "Rabbit", a new employee! The only problem is that she is a bit clumsy... Enjoy all-new characters, dishes and soundtracks and complete the story of “Bear’sRestaurant”.

Beautiful fullscreen graphics

Enjoy the beautiful pixel art on the fullscreen. A cute and scary world awaits you. With simple controls, you can enjoy the game at your own pace as if you are reading a novel.

New Soundtracks

Several new songs written by Xion will be added. Listen to the beautiful music of the Bear's Restaurant.

Developer comments from Daigo

Through "Bear's Restaurant", I have received many messages from many players. Some of the messages were from people who were facing tremendous grief, such as those who lost their ...... daughters to illness, and those who were told they had little time left to live. Whenever I heard how the game helped them to relieve their pains, I felt my dream of making a good game come true.

Two years after the release of the app version, "Bear's Restaurant," a game filled with the thoughts and feelings of many people, will finally be released on the Nintendo Switch™ and Steam. Whether you have played it before or are playing it for the first time, I hope you enjoy it.