Bear's Restaurant
Streaming Guideline

While we are happy to see people stream "Bear's Restaurant", let me set some rules.

When you stream our game, please include the URL to the game. (If you can't for any reason please at least mention it in the video)

Nintendo eShop|


You can stream any part of this game, please maximize the charm of Bear's Restaurant. Let's work together, you can stream our games and we can get mentions from you, win-win, right?

Don't do THIS

  • Illegal stuff, such as copyright infringement
  • Please add values! DON'T just show the game playthrough without any voice over or editing.
  • Please play the game on legally obtained build. No piracy please
  • Don't claim that you are an official streamer of Odencat.

We might add, remove, change contents of this guideline anytime. Please be informed.

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