Snowman Story

The story of a snowman escaping from spring. Snowman Story is the tale of a snowman named Chris who flees from spring and heads for a paradise in the north. What thoughts does the snowman Chris have through encounters with various animals and other snowmen?

About the Game

As Chris progresses, he encounters puzzles with slippery floors that block his path. The story advances by solving these puzzles, and there is a well-developed hint system for those who find puzzles challenging. It's a user-friendly design for those who want to focus on the story.

In this game, various animals, other snowmen, and a mysterious old man (!) appear. Enjoy interactions with these slightly surreal and cute characters while exploring the winter world. The game boasts a picture book-like world and relaxing music that are worth experiencing.

Developer Comments

The snowmen who are destined to melt with the arrival of spring. Snowman Story is a tale imagining if these snowmen had emotions. Please, witness their final moments.