Fishing Paradiso Complete Edition

Embark on a relaxing tropical adventure in this cozy fishing RPG! Explore wondrous locations and befriend a charming cast of characters on your quest to become a master angler and discover the true meaning of paradise!


Fishing Paradiso is the highly acclaimed follow-up to the award-winning adventure game, Bear’s Restaurant.
And yes, we already know what you’re thinking.
“What!? How did a game like THAT spinoff into a FISHING RPG!?”
But just trust us: it works.

Set in a vibrant pixelated paradise, you play as a deceased amnesiac on a quest to discover his true identity alongside his cute but obnoxious bird companion. The more you fish, the more the story will progress, as you meet and forge lasting bonds with the other denizens of the afterlife. And now, you can enjoy the full experience with Fishing Paradiso: Complete Edition, featuring a revamped soundtrack and some all-new features never seen in the original mobile version.


“Though this may be Heaven, you'll still have to search in order to find your own true paradise…”

The last thing you remember hearing after your untimely death are these mysterious words, said by a giant fish floating amidst a sea of stars.

When you next awaken in the afterlife, you find yourself on a tiny deserted island in the middle of the ocean. No pearly gates, no choir of angels to greet you—just a couple of palm trees and an annoying little bird to keep you company. For a place called Heaven, it sure doesn’t feel much like paradise. There’s no shelter to protect you from the elements, nor even any food to eat. In fact, the only thing here at all seems to be an old fishing rod lying down by the shore.
Looks like you’re gonna have to learn how to fish.

As the story progresses, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of fellow afterlife inhabitants from both Heaven and Hell alike, each with their own problems and emotional baggage. But with your trusty skyPhone and fishing skills, you can help solve them all!

To be sure, it likely won’t be a pleasant journey the whole way through.But why not set sail on a little adventure anyway? You might just uncover the true meaning of paradise.


A fishing game… with a STORY!?

That’s right! One of the key features that makes Fishing Paradiso so unique is its wacky, heartwarming plot. Rest assured, this is no boring fishing simulator!

Simple, fun mechanics that even genre newcomers can enjoy!

Never played a fishing game before? No problem! Simplified RPG mechanics allow you to level up so you can tackle more powerful foes with ease and continue progressing through the story.

Kick back and relax in gorgeous natural environments!

Enjoy breathtaking scenic vistas, all lovingly crafted down to the last pixel. From a sun-soaked tropical island to an ethereal blue grotto, each location is beautifully drawn to invoke the sort of nostalgia that soothes the soul.

Nearly 100 unique species of fish to collect!!

The kinds of fish you’ll find in Heaven are a little different from those on Earth! These wild and wacky varieties are all rendered in beautiful pixel art that’ll make you want to collect them all!

Make friends with a diverse cast of quirky characters!

Over the course of the story, you’ll befriend and join forces with a wide variety of characters. By fulfilling their requests, you can deepen your bonds with them, and even unlock special character-specific events.

Deck out your own private cabana with all sorts of unique furniture!

After a certain point in the story, you’ll acquire your very own beach house, which you can then decorate with items you receive from bonding events with friends, and slowly make it feel more and more like home.

Reunite with beloved characters from Bear’s Restaurant!

Fishing Paradiso shares the same universe as our previous title, Bear’s Restaurant, so you can expect to encounter many familiar faces. And who knows—maybe you’ll even get to see some of them in an entirely new light...

Now with new features "Foodie Friends"!

An all-new system called “Foodie Friends” has been added which allows players to invite any of the game’s eclectic cast of characters out to grab a bite to eat at Bear’s Restaurant.

Developer Comment

What kind of place do you think heaven might be?

I asked myself this question many times during the initial drafting phases for this game. After all, we’re told in life that heaven is the land of eternal happiness. But we humans come in all shapes and sizes, and happiness means different things to different people. Even in the realm of fiction, crafting an ideal paradise that truly lives up to the name for everyone is a daunting prospect, but the world of Fishing Paradiso represents the answer I ultimately arrived at.

At the end of the day, it’s a game about the simple pleasures in life, and I hope you’ll enjoy going fishing and getting to know some new friends in this laidback world. But who knows—maybe it’ll also make you think a little more about what your own personal heaven might look like. That could be fun too, don’t you think?