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Explore the world of Zelle as the protagonist, Emerada, a boy who’s been confined to his room in an old castle by a Reaper.

He makes a daring escape attempt to return home to his nearby village, but the castle is deep within a forest that’s haunted by demons.

The Goddess grants him the power to repel the demons, but he must face many trials before winning his freedom.

A Reaper wearing a strange mask, a moon-faced man, a little boy who loves to dance…

The truth gradually comes to light as his lost memories return.

This is but one night in the story of a little boy’s life.


Game Play

Most of Zelle’s graphics were created using the collage technique. Each map page is a single cohesive picture, which helps make every image pop. I hope these ominous, fantastical graphics leave a deep impression on you.

Feel free to take as much time as you need to soak in the stunning view of the Goddess statue on top of the toilet.

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Music & Composer




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Press Kit

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