Snowman runs away from the terrifying Spring!




You will melt away when Spring arrives.” The death warrant was suddenly announced by a crow.

The poor snowman now knows that he does not have much time left.

“I… I don’t want to melt!”

Snowman rushes his way towards the North, looking for a “Sanctuary” where Spring would never arrive.

Will Snowman find his way to the fabled Sanctuary?

Game Play

This game lets you become a snowman and journey on to fiding its "paradise" up North. On your way there, there are puzzles and by solving them, the story moves forward. *You can also skip puzzles if you want to

On your way, there are remains of other snowmen that have melted on their way to paradise. By touching those remains, you will be able to see their memories and their lives before they melted away.


Unique characters from Snowman Story.

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