Mice versus ghosts?!
A pixel art horror adventure game.




It's our duty to wipe out the apartment's ghosts and save the residents from the darkness inside their hearts. We're the Mousebusters!

The ghosts in the apartment are takin' a toll on the residents' emotions.

And we, the Mousebusters, are the unsung heroes who'll wipe out all those evil ghosts.

Hey, newbie. You can call me "Boss."

Hmm? Ya look like ya wanna say somethin'. You tellin' me the name "Mousebusters" sounds more like wipin' out mice than ghosts?


Oh, come on. That doesn't matter. All that matters is that it sounds cool!

Game Play

This is a simple game where the story progresses by tapping the screen, talking to characters and checking objects.

Enjoy this casual horror adventure game by helping your boss wipe out the ghosts that haunt the apartment.

Press Kit